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Total solutions for high quality production systems

Production equipment

You desire better and improved products in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner. For the life of your production plant, you need a reliable partner to optimize your production systems and continually improve.

At Grimbergen, we are an experienced team of specialists in the field of innovative custom-made machinery and production systems for various industries. Driven by experience, knowledge and innovative thinking, Grimbergen can convert your vision into a reality.

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Constructive partner

Our goal at Grimbergen Industrial Systems is to be a constructive partner with our clients. This means that cooperation with our clients is always the best solution to optimize the production plant with continual improvement.

This means you can expect that we understand how the design of production plants in various industries is achieved.  We also take into account the personnel within the organisation of our clients, and how they contribute to the chain in which our clients operate. With that, we offer added value to your production and logistic challenges.

Prefab Concrete

Grimbergen is your partner for consult, design, realisation and service & maintenance for production equipment and logistic solutions in the prefab concrete industry.


In various steel processing industries, you will find Grimbergen as your partner in regard to your production-environment, automation and machine service/maintenance.


With years of experience in engineering and realising tailor made handling equipment and logistic systems within the Shipbuilding industry, we specialise in improving current production systems as well as building new production systems.


Grimbergen is a specialist in designing and realising advanced logistic systems and handling equipment within the offshore industry.


Grimbergen is your partner for prefab concrete sleeper production plants. We design and fabricate both long-line and carrousel production systems, and even make a hybrid system possible.

Tailor made machine building

Grimbergen is a machine-engineering and machine building company that focuses on tailor made production machinery. Some examples of our activities are:

  • Production machinery/production plants
  • Handling equipment
  • Logistic systems
  • Heavy industrial automation
  • Service & maintenance

Our disciplines

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