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This website contains information from the company H.J. Grimbergen B.V. Despite the way we careful and accurately have built this website and published the material, there is a possibility that information on the website is incorrect or not complete. H.J. Grimbergen B.V. is in no case responsible for damage following the use of our information/material which is published on our website. Besides this, H.J. Grimbergen B.V. has the right to change any information which is published on the website whenever it wants.

E-mail usage

All incoming e-mails at H.J. Grimbergen B.V. are treated confidentially. We cannot however fully rule out that incoming e-mails are not visible for third parties. H.J. Grimbergen B.V. is not responsible for this. Names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers which we receive via our e-mail and contact form will only be used for responding to the message by H.J. Grimbergen B.V.

Privacy statement

H.J. Grimbergen respects the privacy of all visitors of the website, and takes care of the personal information supplied, always confidential and according to the regulation of the protection of personal information. Supplied visitor information will only be used by H.J. Grimbergen B.V. for responding to the requests/inquiries, and all personal information we receive from you will only be used for the goal it is obtained for.

H.J. Grimbergen records general visitor information for the statistics about visitor behaviour on the website. This to improve its own online service. These statistics does not contain personal information.

Links to third party websites

It is possible that this website contains links to one or more third party websites, made and hosted by other parties than H.J. Grimbergen B.V. These links would only be used for the user friendliness of this website. H.J. Grimbergen B.V. has no authority over third party websites, and is therefore not responsible for the content of these websites.


H.J. Grimbergen B.V. has the copy right of all content which is accessible through www.grimbergen.nl. Including texts, photos, images, logo´s and other material. Therefore, it is not allowed to use the supplied information on the website for other purposes than personal use, such as: commercially. It is not allowed to spread or copy any content on this website without written permission from H.J. Grimbergen B.V.