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After years of experience and dedication to our clients in several different steel processing industries, we, Grimbergen , developed a new product for robotic handling purposes. This resulted in the GRC-series for various automated steel handling processes.

We strive to optimize all our customers’ production processes and improve efficiency wherever we can. Until this very moment, we always believed that this can only be achieved by creating our tailor made production machinery, handling equipment and logistic systems. Now however, we’ve found a fully automated and especially innovative solution for handling steel profiles, tubes and plates after the cutting process, which we forged into a semi-standard product (the GRC).  Read more

Why the GRC?

Our potential customers who have a need for the optimization of efficiency, improvement of safety and the prevention of fouls. Implementation of an automated robot crane would be the best fitted solution to enhance the logistic process of moving products into a carrier to be used for further handling within the production process.

Grimbergen is known for its tailor made machine building and handling solutions within heavy industries. At Grimbergen we can provide any solution for tools or layout on request on top of this standard robot crane line.


What is the GRC?

The Grimbergen Robot Crane is an automatic crane system for automation purposes in various steel processing industries. These standard cranes are modular built and configured to the client’s specific needs, to fit and operate fully automated in every production environment.

The GRC is developed for the logistic/handling process after processing of steel profiles, and will be integrated with your profile cutting line. For example: after cutting, the crane assures that the right profiles end up in the right cassettes for further processing. This automatic “Pick & Place” principle guarantees the most efficient logistic throughput of the cut products.

All profiles such as angles, bulbs, tees, beams, pipes etc. can be handled by the GRC, and there are also custom made possibilities for handling steel plates or other products. Based on your needs, the crane’s size will be identified, the amount of lifting trolleys (and their lifting capacity) will be determined, and the lifting tools such as magnets or vacuum will be chosen. This way you will always be able to compose the crane system you need. Details>

Modular system

  • Easy to fit in most common production environments
  • Various crane layout & capacity
  • Various lifting tools

Full automation

  • Selecting the most efficient path.
  • Cooperation of multiple lifting trolleys.
  • Considering center of gravity in product carriers


  • Tubes, Angles, Bulbs, Tees, Beams etc.
  • Plates
  • More


Grimbergen Industrial Systems - System 2
Grimbergen Industrial Systems - System 3


Based on our experience in steel processing industries, we feel that the GRC is perfectly applicable within shipbuilding, offshore construction and steel construction in worldwide markets, where steel processing is one of the primary production processes.

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