Steel processing

Grimbergen machinery for steel processing industries

With Grimbergen as your partner, you can be assured the most efficient results of your production facility can be attained.  Grimbergen will develop new or optimize your existing production equipment and machinery.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing handling equipment, logistic systems and production equipment within multiple steel processing industries makes us an expert to develop and improve the production processes in your production plant.

Production layout

We meet our customer’s needs at your production location by creating tailor made production machinery and systems. To achieve this, Grimbergen acts as a consultant by analysing your existing production processes, while providing valuable advice about the most optimal setup for your requirements.

Efficiency, durability, quality and safety are the most important aspects which we always keep in mind when designing or building our machines and systems.

Handling & Logistics

All industries are faced with challenges for many different processes. Examples are the accompanying logistic operations such as supplying, picking up, positioning, reshaping, processing and despatching of heavy materials or components. To integrate these processes in the production setting, we design and manufacture custom made handling equipment and logistics systems.

System Integration

An optimal production facility can only be successful when all corresponding machinery and systems are perfectly connected. As a system integrator, Grimbergen provides solutions for all your equipment and systems.  With your production processes perfectly aligned, your operation is as efficient as possible.

Carrousel systems

Special conveying and transport systems

Grimbergen Quality


Safety & Health

Sustainability & Environment