Service & Maintenance

You want to gain the maximum out of your machinery and equipment and both work in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. In order to let your systems and processes perform optimally and to improve continuously you need an experienced, reliable and flexible team in the field of service and maintenance management. Based on your specific needs and demands a tailor made service package will be made, exactly fitting to your needs and working processes.

Our service and maintenance includes:

  • 24/7 Direct support from our software-engineers
  • Field service engineers, E/M Engineers, Technical supervisors
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts
  • Maintenance management & machine monitoring
  • On-site preventive maintenance, inspections, maintenance scans, repairs, fixing disturbances.
  • Guidance/organising your maintenance management
  • Performing analyses (OEE/Maintenance ROI)
  • Specific and thorough consult for maintenance, revision or replacement of (parts of) your machinery.
  • Training your technical staff and operators

Spare Parts

In order to obtain maximum machine tool up-time with reliable performance, emphasis on preventive measures can greatly reduce the risks of machine failure.  Our extensive experience of analysing critical components within machinery makes Grimbergen your perfect ‘spare-partner’.

We are capable of producing and delivering spare parts quickly, as well as advising which machine parts are critical. To minimalize the loss of quality and the down-time of machinery, it is necessary to not only consider preventive and dynamic maintenance, but making sure that the right spare parts are available at the right moment.

Machine Adoption

Your company uses a variety of machinery from just as many different manufacturers. Therefore, it is possible that several different companies are providing service and maintenance. To reduce costs and time, Grimbergen can take the responsibility for all of your machinery.  As you might say, Grimbergen ‘adopts’ the maintenance program for you. In addition to maintaining the equipment, we also revise and upgrade the machinery and/or its control system.