Offshore Equipment

As an expert in industrial design/engineering, and realising highly sophisticated logistic systems and handling equipment within the offshore industry, Grimbergen will act as your constructive partner. Not only do we develop new machinery and systems, we also revise or add modifications to your current equipment. Our products have been successfully implemented in all thinkable offshore practices such as pipe laying, dredging, hoisting and production facilities for offshore foundation pile production. Grimbergen is your sole partner in consult, design, realisation and service.

Vessel equipment

Grimbergen is your partner for specialized logistic systems and handling/lifting equipment on your offshore vessels. To assure the most optimal use of your systems and equipment, each project/product will be tailor-made to your specific needs and demands. On top of that we provide the possibility to revise or modify current equipment, or to provide service and maintenance.

Offshore wind

Within the offshore wind energy industry we are specialists in the area of designing, equipping and constructing handling and production facilities for the manufacturing of both windmills and their foundation piles. Our products lead to improvement of the production efficiency and product quality, which are two of the most important aspects concerning your production processes.

Offshore pipelay

For purposes such as offshore pipe laying, Grimbergen takes care of both the design and realisation of handling equipment and logistic systems, as well as the maintenance on these systems. In addition we are able to modify your existing equipment/systems to your needs.

Offshore Gantry Crane with ‘anti-sway’ heave compensation modification equipment

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Service & maintenance on offshore systems

One of our core principles is Service. We provide extensive service and maintenance on all our delivered equipment and machinery within the offshore industry, but we also ‘adopt’ existing equipment. Read more about our services on our service page.